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So Tori and Robbie have to take care of Elliana until she finds a new job. Mainly Rori (Tori/Robbie) with Lelliana (Elliana/Leo) friendship. Practically Tron Legacy, but with some additions of my own. She runs away at 16 and goes to the arcade for Alan's sake to check on Sam.He's not there, and she also discovers the hidden office.Nevertheless, she is always there when her friends need her, such as in Rex Dies when she pretends that Rex came back to life to make Robbie happy and in Jade Dumps Beck, where she helps Jade and Beck get back together.Although sometimes it seems like they don't care (especially Jade), they really do love her and usually return the favor, such as when Beck did her stunt for her in Beck Falls for Tori and when they all help her to win a private concert from Ke$ha so she won't have to be Trina's assistant in Ice Cream for Ke$ha.André is probably one of the main reasons that Tori stayed at Hollywood Arts in the first place.He was the one who volunteered her to take Trina's place when she had an allergic reaction.

Therefore, Tori and Trina care about each other but can get into little fights very easily.

The first time they met, Jade instantly hated Tori because she thought Tori was flirting with her boyfriend, Beck, when really Tori had spilled coffee on him and was only trying to dry it off.

As revenge, Jade poured coffee all over Tori and humiliated her in front of their entire Improv class.

When she throws the first ever Hollywood Arts prome, Jade gets mad because she can't throw a play that she booked months in advanced. Tori and Trina have an interesting relationship that has its ups and downs.

When Jade tries to get revenge on Tori, Tori foils her plans, and gets what she wants, while Jade gets nothing. They care for each other, but they don't like to express it. For example, Trina encouraged Tori to go to Hollywood Arts and said she did "great" at the big showcase.

Jandre is the pairing of Jade West and André Harris.(Ja/de and A/ndre).

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