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For the most part, these conversations are interesting…until someone brings up the fact that Jordan Peele is married to would then side-eye a Black/white heteronormative interracial couple.

The movie purposefully and hilariously presents this pairing as not only uncomfortable, but dangerous.

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No pith, that's a sensible relationship timeline.(Photo: Charley Gallay/Getty)3. That means she had just turned 4 when Jordan's jump shot helped win Dean Smith his first title at North Carolina.4. If you can't keep your Iglesias brothers straight, this is not the one who is dating Anna Kournikova.I have known these people, and I have been just as startled by their inability to see themselves or their relationships clearly.What bothers me is the seemingly collective inability to talk about the relationships between Black and white people that work in a healthy way, without all the bullshit above, especially on social media.This is not a foreign concept to any Black person who has ever dated a white person.If you’re a Black man dating a white woman, you’re most likely aware that fighting in public — even though it’s something most couples do at least once — could leave you in a vulnerable position depending on the racist beliefs of bystanders, police, or even the girl you’re fighting with.It is located in the deepest recesses of our own minds. ” The point is, “When you see this shit, believe this shit.” Black people notice anti-Black behavior whether they admit it or not.

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