Is dale earnhardt jr still dating amy


were married last New Year’s Eve after several years of being together. Earnhardt spoke to students at Piper High School in Kansas City, Kan., one of five speaking engagements organized by sponsor National Guard this season. 11 he would sit out the next two races while he recovered from his second concussion in a six-week span.

and Amy Reimann were dating by the 'National Enquirer' in April, 2010, while Amy was still married to another man.Amy Earnhardt, his wife, was by his side for much of the rehabilitation process that returned him to racing — and, in many ways, to life.“It was a scary thing,” she told USA TODAY Sports. He was terrified more that he would not be able to function as a human being again and enjoy life.Racing wasn’t even a thought.”Through the recovery process, Amy said she pushed her husband on days when he appeared on the edge of giving up.“I had to motivate him to get up every day and do his physical therapy,” she said."If it were up to me, I wouldn’t have OK’d this last year. Shown here celebrating with then-crew chief Tony Eury 2008, Earnhardt parted ways with his cousin professionally this year, reshaping JR Motorsports."I was just really nervous about what people’s perceptions would be, so I held a lot of stuff in and just kept a lot of stuff private for a long time," he said.

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