Interracial dating right or wrong


Then again, I've also been with countless women (not to brag, as I kind of feel a little eh about it, even though I fully embraced my manwhore phase). It was cool, but you can't beat the originals, if you catch my drift.

So, after a while, unless she's the one, they all seem similar to some degree. The problem is with people who do it for the wrong reasons. "I dated this race of women, they fucked me over so I'm going to go to this race of woman" Like that isn't cool. "Yeah bruh, I got me a foreign bitch", like nigga, do you want a trophy or do you want a girlfriend? Black women are the only ones I want, need, like, and plan to be with. My biggest issue is people who date outside of their race and then put their own race of women down and leave them to become the butt of many unnecessary jokes.

When time came for dating, race never played a role in the decision making process.

Not only had I grown up with many different races, interracial dating wasn't a taboo or rare thing around me.

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There are no right or wrong answers here, only civil opinions on what seems to be a sensitive subject for many.

Hell, some of them were doing so as well and plenty of them were of mixed race themselves.

As an adult, there have been times that my mixed race son, my ex and I got some side eyes in public.

Nothing justifies telling a person who they are allowed to love or lust for.

If you decide to only pursue those of the same race, religion or gang affiliation, thats good for you and I wish you the best. Anyone who feels interracial relationships are some type of fetish is claiming that being attracted to one of a different ethnicity is unnatural, and that's some real dumb, ignorant racist shit. My dealings with non-"black" women have mostly been the same as with white women.

"Dowhatchalike" as Shock G said, and worry about who you're fucking, not who anyone else is. We meet, either through mutual friends or the internet (yay OKCupid).

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