Internet dating after breakup

But the common goal, when all is said and done—when the hair's been dyed, or the cooking class taken, or the shots knocked back or the divorce papers filed—is not so much to make a major change as it is to simply feel like one's self again.That takes time, so the secret is really just to push through and fake it till you make it. For celebrities, the post-split malaise resembles a combination of all of the above. And they've probably got to go right back to work, heartbreak not necessarily enough to spend more than one precious sick day to treat.

But do you really need a rule to date after divorce?

Garner would admit in the March 2016 issue of that the prior 12 months had been a "year of wine" as she processed the major life change that at first entailed Affleck moving into their guest house in L. in order to make their separation easier on their children, Violet, Seraphina and Samuel.

Luckily Garner had a movie that she was working on, the family-friendly, , to keep her mind occupied and working in a positive direction.

With three kids Jennifer Garnerdidn't have the luxury of retreating into solitude when she and Ben Affleckconfirmed in 2015 that they had separated (though she did have the luxury of retreating with the rest of the family to the Bahamas at the time).

But for months her public life was a series of mustering nonchalant smiles at the paparazzi as they photographed her getting coffee in the morning and trying to ignore salacious headlines about Affleck and their former nanny.

Helping these families is the most re­warding thing in the world," she told .

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