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Under North Carolina General Statute 50-6, a couple must be separated for one year before a divorce is final.

Even though separated, you are still technically married until the court enters the order granting the divorce.

Why would any woman do something so stupid on purpose?

I had to think she was as emotionally sick as he was. it made me dig my heels into the proverbial sand when it came to our divorce even that much harder.

Even if you did not begin dating someone until after the date of separation, a suspicious former spouse may see the new boyfriend or girlfriend as the cause of the marriage’s end and bring a court action.Jumping into a new relationship shows exactly how messed up you (and anyone willing to date you) are. And if a guy you’ve met is in a similar situation and he starts pursuing you, run for the hills and do not look back.If you pursue it, there are two wounded people in a relationship and that is good for no one.your children, your healing, and ending your marriage the best way possible.It teaches your children some very bad messages If you want to teach your children that marriage means nothing, start dangling your new dating life and, if you find someone who will stick around, your new boyfriend, in front of them.If he wanted to enjoy having fun while I was so sick and the kids were so hurt, I was even less willing to have conversations with him that would make the divorce easier on him.

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