Htc desire news widget not updating


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It flashes the screen and then it closes by itself.

Originally Posted by thelucius Hi guys, I'm having DHD for some weeks now, and so far everything is good (except the battery, but with this display it's understandable). When I click on sync, the icon flashes but no actual sync is made (I can see from the desktop google reader feeds). What can I do to restore the app and make it working again? I is not in the list of installed apps, can I find it from somewhere and reinstall it? I think HTC should do something about this...i thought moving from a Nokia to HTC I would forget about hard reset..not so! I don't know how, but I can get again enter on the News app I've search the news apk from the zip that I have, but I can't find it.

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Now it's just a matter of waiting to see whether the widget not updating issues reoccur, but I'm guessing no :) Originally Posted by dinfinity I wasn't able to get my feeds updated, ...

Just for the heck of it, I installed the Google Reader app (News sync still disabled), and gave it access to my account.

I wasn't able to get my feeds updated, and I couldn't even manage the feeds in the app, getting messages as "unable to unsubscribe" and "unable to change folder".

Moreover, the HTC News app works again and shows me the right content!

In addition to the above, the widget indeed shows new items as the Google Reader sync is done (HTC News sync is still _disabled_).

Apparently, the current blank screen issue is caused by incorrect communication between Google Reader and the HTC News app: 12/03/2010 [INFORMATION] Activity Thread(3246) Publishing provider googlereader:

Reader Provider 12/03/2010 [INFORMATION] Activity Thread(3246) Publishing provider Reader Carousel Provider 12/03/2010 [ERROR] Init Feed List Task(3246) fail,e:

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