Ha ji won dating hyun bin

Text: Priscilla Wu Photos: KMTVHa Ji Won 1st Asia Tour in Singapore Date: January 10, 2015Time: 7.30pm Venue: Singapore Conference Hall Ha Ji Won may be known for the tough, spunky characters she played in dramas , but at her first fan-meeting in Singapore, the Korean actress showcased a softer side of herself that fans rarely got to see onscreen. Held at the Singapore Conference Hall on January 10, the fan-meeting titled ‘Ha Ji Won 1st Asia Tour in Singapore’ opened at 7.30pm with a brief introductory chat before memorable scenes of flashed across the big screen on stage.

The 20-episode drama was extremely well-received in Asia and its high popularity was evident when fans shriek each time the main couple – Ha Ji Won’s Gil Ra Im and Hyun Bin’s Kim Joo Won – appeared in the video.

He wishes for a woman who has pretty hands, eats a variety of food well and is elegant rather than noisy, and whom he can feel comfortable being with.

In an interview, he confessed that he stays positive about romance but it isn’t easy to meet a woman. Hyun Bin has talked about marriage in an interview conducted with The Asia Economy Daily in Seoul.

He has such ah great fame in South Korea, people say that his posters are on every wall of Korean girls room.

He has no official Twitter or Instagram account, but if you can still find many non-official account with more than 20K followers.

However, it was found out that he hangs out with Ha Ji Won in his personal time.

They have announced their relationship publicly in 2009 after being seen on dates together.As you may remember, 'Secret Garden' was one of the biggest dramas of 2010, with various parodies popping up everywhere.When Hyun Bin announced that he had broken up with Song Hye Kyo not too long after the drama wrapped up, fans couldn't help but hope that the 'Secret Garden' actors come together again.She is an actress who appeared on the cover of the magazine Vogue for the first time as Korean in 2007 and became an actress who represents South Korea.In 2008 Hyun Bin co-stared with her in the television drama The World That They Live In and played her lover.He showed a positive view of romance in a previous interview and said “I want to fall in love with a woman and am also thinking about marriage”. His fans haven’t showed much response to his marriage but it may be disturbing for many of his fans if he announces his marriage to the public.

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