Gta iv dating guide ps3

Just wait a hour or attack and if you wait you will see 3 enclave kill. Second, they got shot third, the got shot by the mark4 laser turrent.

When you have to get the geck, you have to go through little lamplight. First get rad radiation perk fully then get a advance radiation suit that moira brown got then you shoud be able to go through without getting poison.

You see a alien on a floor and a alien gun with 10-110 shots.

NOTE: if you get the beacon signal its call the recon draft ship and if your fall your lose the signal so good luck. After you escape the jefferson memorial and go to the citdal go to the arliton library right next to the alexandra arms. Go to where the raiders are when they hide and you will hear two enclave helicopters droping off the enclave I recemend not to attack.

When you reach level 8, 9, or 10 (I forgot what level) a girl in Megaton will start to give you free items like ammo, chems (like stimpacks and all that) food, and 10% weapons.

To obtain this weapon, go to the Museum of technology and when your inside, find the three terminals Terminal #001 - 19 (Ground floor, across the entrance room) (The same terminal needed to start the quest) Terminal #002 - 53 (In the Museum West Wing, which is past the Vault tour) Terminal #003 - 113 (Ground floor by the Delta rocket) After you unlock the three terminals, go to the Diner in Jury Street Metro Station.

In there you will find Prime's body, search his body and he will have the Xuanlong Assault Rifle along with 500 caps, explosives, and ammo.

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