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As a straight Science Fiction picture with a Western-inspired third act, it's so bad it doesn't even manage the honor of being labeled a "watchable train wreck;" leave that oddball combination to Serenity.

This is just garbage cinema at its absolute worst, a movie with a miserable sense of humor -- doubly bad since it's trying to be funny -- an awful pace; a plot that's barely coherent; and worst of all, it's just plain boring.

Most every frame is littered with an incredible amount of scratches, splotches, pops, nicks, hairs, whatever.

The image is generally faded, with dull colors and no vibrancy.

The sudden appearance of the Plesiosaur brings with it as much mayhem as it does scientific curiosity; will the safety of the citizens see the monster killed, or will science prevail and allow the deadly beast to live?

There's not a movie out there that's a more fitting dictionary definition of the bad drive-in B-movie than The Crater Lake Monster.

Detail suffers in such instances, but here and there a facial texture, alien make-up, or the like shines through with passable quality.

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The films are rubbish, to be kind -- Galaxina is far and away the worse of the two, while Crater Lake lumbers on by as just another low-grade nothing of a movie that passes the sniff test but does nothing more -- and the Blu-ray releases, too, are nothing to write home about.There's not a single positive in the entire film, save, maybe, for the graciousness of the director and editor to let this thing run "only" a miserable 94 minutes rather than waste anyone's time with a second more of this rubbish.The Crater Lake Monster Rating: 2/5 This is a living creature from the prehistoric past.Detail is fair at best and almost nonexistent at worst.The image is fairly soft to begin with and softer still in select scenes to the point that it looks like the print was smothered in a thick goo.Although the special claymation effects are solid if not grossly underutilized, the picture suffers through awfully choppy editing, generic music cues, a lame and meandering script, and laughably bad acting, but at least the actors seem to have a wee bit of fun with the thing.

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