Free unmonitored chatrooms


Because the Internet can be unsafe for children, the library requires all patrons ages 11 years old and under to have written parental consent to use a computer.

Children under ages 11 and under are the only patrons allowed to use the (4) computers along the wall in the Children’s Room.

This essay comprises testimony to the Congressional Committee on Government Reform.

The library strictly forbids the use of chat rooms and instant messaging on the internet, as they do not fall under the library’s mission statement.This guidebook was created by the co-directors of Connect to help parents understand what Facebook is and how to use it safely.With it, parents will be better informed and able to communicate with their young Facebook users.Special attention is paid to recent interventions that exploit technology such as video games, CD-ROMs, and the Internet to provide creative new forms of support for patients in pediatric oncology.Focuses on the effect pornography found on peer-to-peer file-sharing programs (and elsewhere) has on children’s development.That's important because 1) if something goes wrong, we want our children to come to us and 2) as the Internet becomes increasingly social and mobile, a parent’s guidance and support are ever more key to young people’s well-being in social media and technology.

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