Free un monitored stranger cams


Would you like to let criminals know about all of the deliveries you’ve had from Amazon or Apple, while telling them where you live?

Avoid sharing your address on security cameras: make sure your house number is not in the shot. A casual hacker may move on from your security cam if they find that you’re home; a more seasoned criminal may spend a while observing your actions to establish your daily routine.

The point of security cameras, Internet connected or otherwise, is to spot criminals attempting to intrude, not for them to see you at your most vulnerable.

As a result, you shouldn’t be pointing external security cameras so that activity within the house is visible.

Omegle, a free and anonymous chat utility, offers all these options (and more!

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Eventually, they may know it better than you do yourself.

Is this the sort of information you want a criminal to know? But once you’re marked, it can be difficult to un-target yourself.

It’s amazing just how much information can be leaked!

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