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There is not enough proven evidence of what causes UC it just happens from abnormal activation of the immune system.

So there is no point holding on for hope it's going to go away by finding an underlying problem, because that is your diagnosis so that is the problem you need to concentrate on treating.

In fact, since my original diagnosis, my condition has never gone into remission and not a day has passes that I havent bled. At this point, my (second) gastroenterologist suggests prednisone; however I am very reluctant to accept his offer considering the harsh side effects associated with it.

Why couldn't the immune system, then, erroneously respond to something harmless and cause a domino-effect reaction?I also couldn't help but to notice a healthy dose of cynicism in your reply, in regards to curing my disease. What if my UP is just too "far out of reach" (cause its RIGHT at the anus) for any oral medication to do any damage?While I'm well aware UP is currently "incurable" by every stretch of the definition, I would still hold out hope that some radical, back-alley Chinese medicine doctor may have to key to our digestive woes. but I refuse to believe that Prednisone and a couple tightly-crossed fingers are my only options left. Perhaps it's the Anatomy & Physiology courses's just that the weakest link in the chain (i.e., my UP-infested rectum) succumbs because it cannot "defend" itself properly. then consider this: why do people who are VERY allergic to certain foods (say shellfish, for example) breakout in hives? is it the actual of peanut butter with the esophagus that causes it to close in individuals who are severely allergic to it? is the source of the reaction taking a more behind-the-scenes approach?Did the shell fish have to physically touch the skin... The same scenarios could be applied to airborne allergies. it makes perfect sense to me that a local reaction can be caused by a trigger (be it food or whatever) that is not.In May of 2007, an allergist confirmed (via skin-testing) allergies to gluten, milk, yeast, sugar, eggs, corn, sunflower, banana and spinach, all of which were once consumed on a regular basis (some more than others) with no ill-response from my digestive system.

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