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The more I understand the importance of calm for our general wellbeing, relationships and outlook on the world, the more time I spend trying to get back to it.Sometimes if I feel depleted I won’t let myself off the hook; I’ll try to keep on pushing while my demons tell me I’m being lazy.Next my lungs started pumping like a set of bagpipes and the world around me started to spin.This is not ideal when driving at 70mph, but I managed to pull over and explain to Clare why our conversation about Prince Harry had come to a swift end and we were now on the hard shoulder half an hour from home. I have always assumed that my physical state comes from direct thoughts.If I think of something negative, my body tenses; if I feel sad, it softens. Our conversation in the car had been jolly and I was on my way home to see my babies. I’ve felt panicky and a little short of breath, but this was physically debilitating.No stress, no drama, yet my body had taken a turn for the worse. Embarrassingly, yet thankfully, I was driven home by the AA (thank you, lovely AA man).The first book was published on 20th June 2013, and quickly became the UK's highest-selling children's debut of 2013.

It was then she decided that TV presenting was the job for her.

Joining a friend for a casting led Holly to land her first job in Television when a Production Company were looking for a team of fresh and young presenters to host their new Saturday morning show, S Club TV.

In 2003, Holly recorded Call The Shots and Xperi-mental, along with coverage of Fame Academy (BBC) and Xchange (CBBC).

So I suppose I’m neither calm nor chaos; I’m all of it. I have spent the same amount of time meditating and doing yoga as I have ranting with road rage and throwing inanimate objects at walls in toddler-style tantrums.

I believe there is room for all these emotions, but using calm as a base to come back to is imperative.

We were gossiping away about our favourite subjects – the royal family and Girls, the TV show – when I felt rather hot.

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