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'Y2RWCKu S',in Autoplay Countries=!This is what happens when fans want the actors who play certain characters on a show to get together because their on- (and sometimes off-) screen chemistry just makes them look so gosh-darn cute. (And yes, we’re counting European Vacation.) The Paris plotline represents “the ultimate extension of our Gossip Girl world,” Savage e-mailed us Sunday, shortly after arriving in Paris.She notes that the French metropolis is synonymous with such series staples as high fashion, ritzy restaurants, and tres chic nightclubs. Macarons from Pierre Herme.) “We mention our characters’ fabulous travels all time, but it’s very hard, and expensive, to actually show them,” Savage writes.or at least since GG’s sophomore year, which launched with key characters enjoying a summer in the nice-but-it-ain’t-Paris locale of the Hamptons.(That trip also had the cost-effective bonus of being driving distance from the show’s usual Manhattan locations.) “Shooting in the Hamptons really elevated the feel and reach of (the show),” co-creator Josh Schwartz told Vulture.

And it’s been a part of Blair’s character, so it organically lends itself to the storytelling as well.” Team GG began dropping hints about a Parisian excursion a few weeks ago, when the Internets got wind of the episode title for next week’s season finale: “Last Tango, Then Paris.” But just how will the menage a trois of Blair, Chuck, and Serena end up overseas? ) “Serena and Blair are finishing up their fabulous summer vacation when someone from home mysteriously shows up in town,” Savage explains.Perhaps that’s why Savage took no offense when Vulture asked whether the decision to send Blair and Co. SAVAGE: Ed will definitely be filming in Paris with us this summer. Dan was planning to follow Serena to Paris when he was interrupted by Georgina. As the Gossip Girl is renewed for Season 4, the title fits apt as the CW sends out a press release about the 1st two episodes of the new season which is all set to be shot in Paris!to Paris was inspired by the aforementioned Facts of Life Paris journey. Different sources like The Washington Post report about the TV spoiler of Gossip Girl season 4 that was renewed after the last season.So, don’t set fire to your “Chuck Blair = Love” signs just yet. Or, to translate: Vulture has confirmed that the fourth season of Gossip Girl will kick off next fall with two episodes set — and filmed — in Paris.Is Georgina really, truly pregnant on Gossip Girl or is she faking it? Michelle Trachtenberg told us this when asked that very Q: “Yes, and I’m trying to spread the rumor that I actually was pregnant so that everybody could start talking about how great I look after the baby. Wish I’d gotten the memo that make-believe TV pregnancies were less fattening! Online Harry Potter actress Clemence Poesy will be busy casting a spell on Chuck Bass this fall. GG co-creator and executive producer Stephanie Savage flew to France over the weekend to begin scouting locations for a week of production in the City of Lights.Blair swore off Chuck forever but will this changed man woo Blair into having a change of heart, or will Queen B set her sights on ruling Columbia University? It’ll be hard for me to watch Gossip Girl without Chuck and Blair goodness. Clémence Poésy, a French actress best known for her role as Fleur Delacour in the Harry Potter movies, is signed on for multiple episodes.

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