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Since my senior year of high school, I had gone to maybe 40 concerts—everything from Cheap Trick to second-wave emo bands to local power pop acts. A genuinely great band, playing for free at a beautiful outdoor venue! (It’s a good DVD, by the way.) And thus began a virtually endless parade of reasons I decided not to go to concerts.

“Can’t find any friends who are free, I really hate that one venue, I’m tired, Pittsburgh seems one obnoxious drunk who will ruin the fun.” There’s some truth behind this laundry list of complaints.

The author of the blog post brings up some really good points.

Some of the best concerts I attended have improved over time, and some aspects—like little spontaneous alterations a guitarist makes to a song—still resonate.

The Tigers have had great radio and television voices over the years, going back as far as Ty Tyson, the original voice of the Tigers, who called games for WWJ from 1927-42. Ernie Harwell, the voice of summer, the voice of the Detroit Tigers for 42 seasons.

Now, despite what this laundry list of complaints might suggest, I don’t hate people. As a blog post at the electronic music site Sophisefunk pointed out, some research seems to point to the fact that people would rather spend money on an experience in an area they enjoy than on a material thing.

Summers in western Pennsylvania tend to skew either toward grossly humid or outright hot, so I was thankful for a respite from either. I’m still not entirely sure why this happened when it did. I remember regretting it the next day (missing the concert, not the nap) and then proceeded to do the same over and over for the next seven years.

Los Lobos had a free concert scheduled outside of Pittsburgh on that Saturday; a relaxing drive to hear some good music felt like the right choice. I was a veteran concert-goer at that point, even in my mid-20s. I even bought a DVD of Los Lobos playing live to make myself feel better and, maybe somehow, make Los Lobos feel better about me not coming.

She’s not whispering and no one is shushing her because it is amazing. This is why theatre is the perfect medium to tell this story.

As Boy says, quoting from Tennyson’s , “I am a part of all that I have met.” Theatre is a collaborative medium, and this isn’t purely biography. ** “Ernie” | Written by Mitch Albom, directed by Tony Caselli, featuring Timothy “TJ” Corbett as Boy and Will David Young as Ernie Harwell. There was a particularly pleasant stretch of weather near the end of summer, I remember, closing in on the week approaching my birthday.

Plus, being a part of a temporal community of music fans is incredibly appealing.

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