Department education consolidating private loans

A private lender may charge fees (for example, application, origination, or early-repayment fees) for student loan refinancing, though not all do.

Both deferment and forbearance provide a temporary relief from student loan payments.

The main reasons that most borrowers refinance their student loans are: A number of private lenders only refinance private student loans.The repayment plan will depend entirely on what the lender offers.And, unlike with federal student loans, private lenders don’t usually offer repayment plans based on income.A federal student loan deferment is a period of time when payments are not required.(Basically, the loan payments are put on hold.) Interest does not accrue on subsidized loans, but unsubsidized loans continue to accrue interest while in deferment.The repayment period on a student loan refinance begins immediately after the loans being combined are refinanced.

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