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Here are 15 ways women’s manipulating dating tactics have an effect on the good guys.

A study on redback spiders has revealed that males often seek out females that are still young and ‘immature,’ as they may not yet have learned how to eat their partner.The sex lives of spiders are arguably among the most bizarre – and gruesome – mating practices in the animal kingdom.Sex, for male spiders, can be a matter of life or death, as some females are known to cannibalize their partners in the midst of the act.Even though we have more options than ever at our fingertips (technology in the form of Tinder and other dating sites), the dating world can be a frustrating pool to wade around in.A lot of the time, women keep their guards up in order to properly filter through a sea of jerks that are swimming around out there, so much so that one surefire guard happens to be turning into a jerk herself.While, yes, this can keep the creepers at bay, it can mess with the psyche of the men who are actually good and decent.

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