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Dennis Nedry - Jurassic Park's computer technician.Nedry is hired by the Biosyn Corporation to steal fifteen of the park's dinosaur embryos.

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Donald Gennaro - The head of In Gen's account with the law firm Cowain, Swain and Ross.

One of the original consultants for Jurassic Park, he has always been skeptical that the idea could work. When the dinosaurs at Jurassic Park start attacking the park's guests, the perspective often shifts Tim to heighten the tension. Whereas Tim handles the shocks, scares, and predicaments of Jurassic Park with astonishing grace, Lex is prone to cry or whine when the chips are down.

Once Malcolm actually gets to see the island, his predictions of the park's doom get more and more antagonistic, eliciting Hammond's anger. Tim is noticeably more mature than his sister, making him the more reliable narrator of what happens to the children. She enjoys baseball and teasing her brother, and her young age and close calls with death make her a very sympathetic character.

Arnold, confident that he can control the entire park virtually by himself, claims that Malcolm's predictions for the park represent a misapplication of chaos theory. Roberta "Bobbie" Carter - A doctor who works at a medical center in Costa Rica.

On duty one night at the beginning of the novel, Bobbie is called to treat an In Gen employee who has allegedly been injured in a construction accident.

Even if she's not that hot - you'll still enjoy actually spending time with her.

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