Dating within alcoholics anonymous


There are other options that are much better: -friend that knows about your situation -family member -therapist -AA/NA or other support groups -posting on SR -volunteering -professional relationships with co-workers Now I have not heard of this "no dating for a year" rule before so I don't have anything to say about who invented it or whether it is truly part of AA or not.

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I personally never agreed with some of the rules and suggestions.The biggest one was that you shouldn't date for your first year of sobriety.The way I see it is that you can't stop living life. I know this is only my opinion but I feel pretty strongly about it.My experience with dating was I dated every chance i could while getting sober.As a matter of fact, I got booted out for a night because I not only missed curfew, but I had some sex on this particular date too. Not a big deal for me, I'd slept outside in worse conditions, besides, I was sober, and feeling pretty good about my date that night.You can't possibly know ALL of the suggestions as they are only another person's opinions. All this "rule" means is that you need some time to figure yourself out (the new, sober you) before you take on the added challenge of a new relationship.

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