Dating wedding photos dating an americam man

The adorable shot features a laughing bride as her groom dives—nude! When Patrick Casey's cousin Andria asked him to be her flower girl, he accepted the role and took his job very seriously, as apparent in these shots by Erin Moore.Why he was a flower girl and not a groomsman, we still don't know—but we're glad it happened.

But this year, those weddings were filled with some extra-special, extra-hilarious, and just plain extra-memorable moments that we—and the Internet—collectively fell in love with.In late September, photographer Darren Hatt captured this incredible picture of groom Cook Ross saving a little boy from drowning in a nearby lake.Cook and his wife Brittany were taking their wedding photos at Victoria Park in Kitchener, Ontario, when the bride noticed a young boy nearly drowning in a nearby lake.After tying the knot in early September, Thad Nelson and Aren Muse shared their striking wedding photos (taken by photographer Ricardo Quintana) online—and the internet literally went crazy over them.People from around the world fell in love with these incredibly attractive grooms and their luscious locks, showering them with congratulations and even a few 'adopt me' requests.Feast your eyes on some of the wanderlust-worthy wedding photos here.

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