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We talk a lot about B2B companies and their content marketing successes that sometimes it can be easy to forget what the B2C world is up to – for example, dating websites and apps.However, the combination of great subject material — dating, attraction and sex —in addition to advanced data analysis have made dating site blogs must-read material.Posts on OKTrends buck a lot of content marketing rules; few and far in between, often lengthy and lack a call-to-action.However, due to the sheer quality of data analysis and the simple and funny tone, OKTrends has become an enormous success. Check back with Scripted February 11 for a full interview with Christian.

There’s no better way to market your product than by sharing stories straight from your users.

Plentyof Fish also has a large number of users and a well-engaged blog.

The Plenty of Fish blog features articles with tips on everything from finding love to getting over a breakup.

).” e Harmony’s blog also hosts advice from dating professionals and published authors. e Harmony’s content is specifically tailored to reaching their audience on a deeper and more emotional level.

If you want to see a variety of content, check out the Zoosk blog.

The dating wesbsite also runs a fantastic You Tube channel hosted by dating coach Sarah Gooding, which doles out great online dating tips in viral-quality videos that seem to regularly break one million views.

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