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4 posters describe dating violence happening in the context of a heterosexual relationship; 2 posters describe dating violence happening in the context of a same-sex relationship.The posters each focus on a particular component of dating violence: 1) emotional abuse 2) coercion 3) excessive jealousy 4) isolation 5) sexual assault 6) victim-blaming.Beginning in 2007, The Red Flag Campaign was made available to campuses outside of Virginia.

Host campuses received The Red Flag Campaign Campus Planning Guide, which includes ideas for integrating The Red Flag Campaign into existing campus programs, and how to supplement the impact of the campaign on their campuses.Verizon Foundation representatives and Action Alliance staff also served as members of the Advisory Committee. Preliminary focus groups The public relations research team conducted two focus groups of college students in March, 2006 (a women’s group at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA and a men’s group at Washington & Lee University in Lexington, VA) to explore the nature of dating relationships on campus and to identify hallmarks of healthy relationships versus abusive ones.During those focus groups, students revealed that they are willing to intervene with friends who are being victimized by or acting abusively toward their dates.Students also clearly indicated that they would be receptive to hearing intervention and prevention messages from their friends, should they ever find themselves in a dating violence circumstance.Campaign messages Following the outcome of the March 2006 focus groups, the Advisory Committee decided to design a campaign that would 1) target college students who are friends/peers of victims and perpetrators of dating violence, 2) educate friends/peers about “red flags” (warning indicators) of dating violence, and 3) encourage friends/peers to “say something” (i.e. Thus, the Commonwealth Campus Campaign was renamed and The Red Flag Campaign was born.History and purpose of the campaign In the Fall of 2005, the Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance submitted a proposal to the Verizon Foundation to forge a multi-year partnership on an exciting new project: the Commonwealth Campus Campaign.

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