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You will be taken off potential dates if you're a slacker, have dirty hair, are a crybaby, unemployed and/or have scuffed shoes.

Also, if a Capricorn senses you aren't being real, they'll lose all interest.

Don't roll your eyes at a Gemini; it will incense them.

Also, never tell a Gemini that their opinion has no merit.

The fastest way to turn off an Aquarian is to tell them "no." Not only won't they take no for an answer, but they'll take the fact that you said it to them very personally.

Aquarians also don't take kindly to stupid people, especially those who take a certain pride in being dumb.

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In addition, Sagittarians don't react well to lectures about their free lifestyle.Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)Aquarians find people who are accepting, compassionate, smart with a touch of eccentricity well worth pursuing.You can seduce an Aquarian with your mind — they adore deep thinkers and closet intellectuals.They also hate to be ignored, nonstop gossip, arrogance, messy homes and people who suck in the hygiene department.Leo (July 23 - August 22)Leos look for someone who has a good job, a good car and good looks (as long as they're not better looking than Leo).The qualities that turn Geminis off are people who interrupt, are too possessive, complainers, and ones who have bad breath.

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