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“I tend to do things not with teaspoons, but to try to make a difference.” If he had donated million to New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gundlach suggested, “you wouldn’t be able to find it with a microscope.” Instead, this donor allowed a grand expansion of a great museum to be fully funded before its managers even expected to start their fundraising.The latest in the ever-expanding empire of federal museums on the Washington, D.The building has been designed to flexibly accommodate everything from theater plays for 500 people, to museum shows, to outdoor concerts with audiences in the tens of thousands.The largest gift, among the many donors, was million from Michael Bloomberg.

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This new neighborhood will include an arts facility, known as The Shed, created via a 0 million fundraising campaign.Jeffrey Gundlach used a million donation to inspire million of other private gifts. The museum announced in June that it had selected the architect for a major building expansion, and intended in September to gradually roll out a multi-year capital campaign to raise the necessary money.Instead, Gundlach made his million offer right away and pushed the institution to wrap up the fundraising “by Labor Day, because these things lose momentum.” He asked that museum leaders raise a match to his money, beginning with a blitz of the board members—who quickly kicked in million.The founding president will be Don Bacigalupi, who helped Alice Walton launch her similarly ambitious (and similarly non-snobby) grand museum in Bentonville, Arkansas.(See 2011 Crystal Bridges entry in this same section.) The Albright-Knox Museum in Buffalo, New York, is one of America’s superb art museums, with a particular strength in 7,000 modern works.Paid concert revenue comes to 42 percent of their total income.

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