Dating schwinns

Then all of the details have only one remaining question: is that component part original, or a replacement?If we know the actual date, and if the parts are almost certainly original, then e Bay is an incredible source of information! This is just one easy example of things that well-informed and well-educated people accept as fact.

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Dates between 19 are available because Schwinn kept good records.

It also hurts me to see the spread of misinformation.

About Schwinn bicycles, if they give the serial number, then we all know the date the frame was made, without doubt.

As the people who actually worked in the factories, and in the offices, and in the warehouses, and as traveling sales representatives, and in the retail shops…as these people pass away and as their memories are lost more and more things become questions that can never be fully answered. It's a constant game of puzzle pieces and mysterious clues!

Real History is a very fun game, and the way to win is to discover actual truth!

Your BEST writing, on the subject of Schwinn Sportabouts, was what you wrote on the Lynn's Schwinn page!

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