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A couple who dated for 10 years have finally tied the knot in an elaborate ceremony.

In a Facebook post by Hon Ala Mathias, the couple identified as Erons Osaretin and his girlfriend of 10 years, Ofure have finally settled down as husband and wife.

We are trying to adjust to each other, but sometimes, I feel like he keeps things pertaining to his culture from me because of the stereotypes out there about Black women and what he says Black Americans feel about Nigerians.

In my case, I would love to know more about his culture, and I would appreciate it and value it as much as he does.

He threw her a Sh3 million birthday party at the Coast.

I share these examples with you to show you how there is a difference.I realize that this could be any man to some degree, but all of the black men I have dated up until now have been pretty expressive---in fact, they will even mislead or lie about their feelings or emotional stuff.This person will actually "demonstrate" how he feels through his actions (and this is a good thing), but he is less likely to say how he feels and if he does, it will be said one time and that's it. American men typically know that hugs and affection are expected and understand that women want this---at least the ones I have dated.Normally, women are complicated beings let alone a Nigerian woman who has so many challenges to deal with like an unstable economy, family, tradition, ethnicity, religion, peer pressure, biology and much more.All these factors conspire to influence whoever she will date.Both parties are Black Americans because the Black American born in America to Nigerian parents will differ little from a Black American born of parents of any other nationalities.

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