Dating last referers


In the Segment Spec all the API calls have a common structure, and a few common fields.

However, not every destination accepts every specced field.

This is because Salesforce has strict limits on API calls, and we don’t want to run over your limits by accident.

Social networks use different user agents to access content, so we will allow blank referrer for these user agents only.Only By default, Go Access will use the host name of the generated report.Optionally, you can specify the URL to which the client's browser will connect to. Each active panel has a total of 366 items or 50 in the real-time HTML report.Signifies whether the user has enabled the Do Not Track feature in their browser.You can also enable “Honor Do Not Track” in your source settings and we will disable collection entirely for users who have enabled it.In-memory storage provides better performance at the cost of limiting the dataset size to the amount of available physical memory. If your dataset can fit in memory, then this will perform fine.

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