Dating in middle age after divorce


And while it’s difficult for us to estimate when people are truly single based on their unmarried status, data expert Jonathan Soma says we can still learn something from when the “singles market” will experience an uptick following a period of divorce.

“If you look (at the data), no one is really divorced between 20 and 24, and then a decent number of people are divorced starting in their 30s. It happens,” he said, noting the lack of divorce between 20 and 24 is probably due to a lack of being married to begin with. People just divorce and divorce and divorce,” Soma said.

They’re not treating their dating partners like they’re looking for long-term compatibility.” “Guys are like, ‘How much fun and sex can I have before I have to evaluate with this?

’ Sometimes you have that Trojan Horse of a woman who is so perfect that they change earlier, or there’s a triggering event — like earning ,000 a year or the loss of a family member, where suddenly the idea of a steady partner makes sense.

In her pool, 92 of the 163 guys she swiped were between the ages of 30 and 33.“I always see lots of guys who are 30 or 39, but those middle ages disappear.I think that’s when people are going through their first marriages,” she said.“That can be explained in part by the fact that men who marry for the first time are generally older than women who marry for the first time.So for the younger ages especially, there will be a greater percentage of men than women who have never been married.However, even when data tells us a dating pool is overflowing, Soma noted that it doesn’t take into account whether those people are ready or willing to settle down or even seek companionship.

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