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Being potential targets of hate also weighed heavily on students, so Lorch asked them to write about their feelings.Staff on Monday pored over students’ writing as a way to better understand what their pupils were dealing with.“Their parents are not sending them to school, because they’re afraid.And if they’re not feeling well emotionally, they can’t learn.” Responding to pleas from teachers, advocates, and students, the Philadelphia School District this year is implementing mandatory training in keeping the system’s tens of thousands of immigrant children safe and supported in the current political climate.

Last year, Philadelphia counted more than 14,000 English-language learners, about 11 percent of the School District’s 130,000 pupils.

The current number of immigrant students, while unknown, is higher.

Set against the tension of the current political climate, including the heat Philadelphia is taking federally over its “sanctuary city” policy, the school system’s training is important.

And some are unaccompanied minors who fled dangerous situations and arrived alone in the U. Most of those teens work full-time, and may live with people they barely know.

“It makes it tough to call home and talk about homework,” Flisek said.

Students’ fears began to swell after President Trump’s election in November, Lorch said.

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