Dating deva romania woman

Initiated by the end of 90’s by Mukhomor, she claims to have left the cult in 2011.

But planned a workshop in France with Konstantin Rudnev for end of February 2013, betting on his acquittal by the Novosibirsk Court of Appeal, which hold earlier the same month. was=Wild and Wise Women network / Universynergy Arts Academy, Phoenix Goddess Temple – Rudnev, he was one of his first followers to move out Russia towards North America.

Amazingly, this sex guru seems to be able, according to the Russian press, to give Skype seminars from his jail., sometimes both, especially in USA.

When known, their true name is indicated in bold after the aliases.

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Moreover, This does not exclude some disagreements between certain branches (e.g.

the current situation in Brazil), thus trying to display some distance between them as well as from the former movement, a ploy often used by the groups that refer to Gurdjieff’s practices.

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Their native country and activity area appear into brackets. = Oksana Nikita Ashrafov = Oksana Nikita Ashraton = Oksana Nikita Ashratov (from Russia, activity: Los Angeles, USA – close to Ladamira, Dirzu and Oyun,

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