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We love celebrating the arrival of a new year together as a family. Shake off the excess glitter to make a glittery clock. (Optional) To help Theo understand when the new year would arrive, I attached a glittery ‘2015’ to the top of the clock with a popsicle stick and some glue.

This year I thought it’d be fun to make something the kids could use to countdown each hour until midnight (if they manage to stay up that long! These countdown clocks are made from paper plates and have movable hands so kids can move them at each hour. Glue some large sequins around the edge of your plate. Now he can visually see the when the new year will start- when both clock hands point up to the ‘2015’!

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I’ll show you a few examples below, but there’s pretty much endless possibilities as far as decorating them. Start by making the numbers on your paper plate clock face. At each hour help your child move the clock hands one hour closer to midnight!

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No film had all of the markers we usually use to find a Best Picture winner under the preferential ballot: NBR top ten Globe Best Director (and/or picture) DGA PGA SAG ensemble All of them missed one thing.

Shape of Water and Three Billboards We’ve never seen anything like this year’s Oscar race, and probably not in the ways that you might think.

My personal favorite remains Wes Anderson’s dazzling, thoughtful ISLE OF DOGS, which is probably also the It wouldn’t be the Berlinale without a couple of controversial films pushing the envelope and heating up debates.

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