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And going one step even further, Square Root of Minus Garfield proves that True Art Is Incomprehensible and hilarious.

It's also spawned Garfielf, an intentionally So Bad, It's Good fanmade video.

When not feeding, Shoe and Cosmo work at the local newspaper, The Treetops Tattler.

in 1999, originally drawing the dailies while Jeff continued providing the art for the Sunday strip.

Syndicated by Tribune Media Services, the feature appears in 75 newspapers nationwide, including the Boston Globe, Dallas Morning News, Denver Post, St.

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After the shoot, Bella filmed herself getting another facial to calm her acne-prone skin. I'm very self conscious and constantly feeling bad about myself. Wearing a light pink outfit from head-to-toe, the outspoken beauty took to the streets between fans and civilians alike to protest Friday's presidential inauguration and to prove that 'women's rights are human rights.' Also at the march was her former Shake It Up co-star Zendaya.

The piece is by Shadow Hill and is up for grabs at the link (click right).

Should you want to look around for other pink options, check out the line up of alternative hooded tops below.

We've found options at the likes of New Look, Fila and more.

Keep it pink like Bella or team yours simply with a skirt, leather jacket, tights and studded boots for rocker chick style.

After a long career as a syndicated political cartoonist based at the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Gary has escaped the daily grind of a nine-to-five office life, traded in his India ink for oil paints and is happily meandering back roads all over the South, searching for those great American icons, rusty old Fords and Chevys. He didn't have either.‚ÄĚSusie met Jeff Mac Nelly, the Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonist, in 1989 on a blind date at a bar in Washington, D. Jeff was poised at the back door ready to flee if he didn't like what he saw. To his amazement, Jeff immediately realized she was the wiseass Roz he'd been drawing in for 12 years. As Jeff expanded his talents as a painter and sculptor, he saw the need to put together a crew of wiseacres to help with production. Her first marshaling job was to round up the digital cartoon nerdmeister-of-the-west, Chris Cassatt, followed by Gary Brookins and his magic brush.

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