Dating a guy with uncut penis


He was really dominant in bed, which totally turned me on, and his confidence prevented me from having to feel any vicarious sexual anxieties, as I had with most of the small-dicked men of my past.

At one point he even told me to “choke on it.” In my head I was like, “I could probably fit five of these in my mouth without triggering my gag reflex,” but I just went along with it and made fake choking sounds, because why not? but it wasn’t an issue.”He and I went on to sleep together for a few months. ”I don’t want to sugarcoat it: I know that for some girls, including my bookish writer friend, small dicks are a dealbreaker.

It was hot, and fun, and sex is theater most of the time anyway. At the time, neither of us were looking to get into a committed relationship, which allowed for us to have one of those pressure-free, fun flings that are often the most uninhibited and hedonistic of romances. And that’s fine, because we all have our own personal preferences.

Well, a study published in the International Journal of STD & AIDS tried to find how penis size influence condom slippage and breakage.

However, I can sooner imagine myself seriously dating a guy with a small dick than I can a guy who’s shorter than I am—that’s just me.

In the case of the filmmaker, he made up for his size in other ways, by being attentive, skilled at talking dirty, and gifted with his hands and mouth.

If we take an average penis girth of 4.9 inches and compare it to average condom circumference (4.1 inches) we see that they’re within the suggested ratio.

I’ve applied this factor to all (well, almost all) possible sizes and got the above table. Update: some guys are confused about how condom width is measured.

I might have let the joke slip by unanalyzed if it weren’t for how he went into lengthy detail about the years of insecurity he’d suffered because of his tiny penis, confessing that he special-orders tiny condoms online, because even the smallest condoms available in stores are too baggy and just slip off. But despite this, I agreed to go on a dinner date with the filmmaker the following week, because, well, I really liked him.

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