Dating a cocktial waitress in las vegas

“I’m even talking to grandchildren of some of my customers who died,” she said. I’ve been known to cry in the middle of the pit.” St.Clair has served many legends, including Frank Sinatra, who typically ordered bottles of Jack Daniels to share with his friends, and Liberace, whom St.“This is one job that bridges the gap between uniform and costume,” said Schwartz.“It’s one of the ways that casinos brand themselves, one of the ways they show their identity.” In keeping with the times, the position of cocktail waitress has undergone some metamorphosis.Some nightclubs and casinos are busy and fast-paced, so the ability to maintain your concentration and focus in a hectic environment is also key.You must know the basic ingredients in most cocktails. Additionally, you might be asked to perform side work such as straightening and wiping tables, refilling garnish trays, slicing fruits and keeping the bar tidy.“I was too young to serve cocktails when Caesars Palace opened, but that was my goal,” St. “We make the customer feel as if they’re extremely special, and do it with a sense of humor,” she said. They’re coming somewhere where they can be identified with.” Over the years St.Clair has developed such close relationships with her customers that she actually gets them cards for their birthdays, and vice versa.

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics, which lumps bartenders and cocktail waitresses into one category under food and beverage servers, reports that the median pay in 2011 was ,1300 per year.

Tips skew a cocktail waitress's earnings higher or lower, depending on the customer.

This is one of the less predictable parts of the job, but in certain settings, such as cruise ships or resorts, gratuities are automatically added to drink orders.

A cocktail waitress serves drinks in settings such as bars, nightclubs, casinos and resorts.

The typical pay for a cocktail waitress varies depending upon the demographics and region where the job is located, as well as the hours worked and the type of establishment.

The Caesars Palace uniform has changed over the years, but at least one of the cocktail waitresses hasn’t. Clair has been serving drinks at Caesars since 1975, and has no immediate plans to stop. Clair moved to Las Vegas from Australia at age 14 to perform as a contortionist in a show.

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