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I've never encountered a bona fide, attributable "Eastern" made flask that had the distinctive sharp "knife" edge that some of these Western made flasks have, but who knows.

However, this unembossed jewel has a nicer, fatter top and a color that is a beautiful lightish yellow amber with just a touch of eye when sitting next to a "plain" medium amber bottle. - That is all boldly & sharply embossed within a slightly oval to round slug plate (aka "plate mold") on this quart sized cylinder whiskey bottle with straight fluting on the shoulder and lower neck.

The colors in the images are pretty close to what I see in daylight here. According to John Thomas's great book on Oregon liquor bottles this style bottle was called a "Maverick Brandy" which was the name used for this style of liquor bottle by the huge Illinois Glass Company (Alton, IL.) who almost certainly was the producer of this bottle for the Portland company.

It includes more links to pictures to help portray some of the bottle characteristic described.

and will be calculated at as close as I can estimate to the actual cost via the USPS website depending on the weight of the item and your zip code.

I also try to take representative pictures of all the bottles listed, though some bottles can defy accurate pictorial representation.

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