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If you include groups, your chance of encountering a female grows to 13%.

However, this means that if you do encounter a female, there is about a 1 in 3 chance that she will be part of a group.

If you haven't heard of Chatroulette, this Daily Show segment is a good primer.

We were itching to study Chatroulette in a RJMetrics Dashboard, but no one seemed to have any good data for us to explore.

Here are a few highlights from our findings: About half of all Chatroulette spins connects you with someone from the USA. Of the spins showing a single person, 89% were male and 11% were female.

You are more likely to encounter a webcam featuring no person at all than one featuring a solo female.8% of spins showed multiple people behind the camera. That number is 1 in 12 for males.1 in 8 spins yield something R-rated (or worse)You are twice as likely to encounter a sign requesting female nudity than you are to encounter actual female nudity How We Did It Thanks to RJMetrics, the analysis was easy.

Even if there were equal numbers of male and female users, males would enter the pool more often and would therefore appear in front of you more often, making the "average session" more likely to contain a male chat partner.

Because of this, all of our statistics are about the average session and not the average user.

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We know nothing about the methodology used by Chatroulette Map.We coded up the backed so that a photo wouldn't be taken out of rotation until two votes from different IP addresses provided an identical set of answers.We posted the link to Hacker News on Saturday night. Five minutes later, the data was loaded into a hosted dashboard on RJMetrics and returning the results you see below.If they excluded data points for any reason or did not sample randomly, our analysis could be skewed.Geolocation by IP address is an imperfect science that is typically only accurate within a few dozen miles.Getting the data, however, was a bit of a challenge.

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