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At the time we conducted our first survey on this topic, the release of the i Phone was still two years in the future, Facebook was in the process of expanding from college campuses to high schools, and just one in ten online adults used social networking sites of any kind.

Today six out of every ten Americans use social networking sites (SNS) such as Facebook or Twitter, and more than half are smartphone owners.

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They miss out on meeting people and making real friendships. It’s too easy to interpret things differently than the person meant it.If asking them out in person isn’t possible, at least do it over a phone call or Skype where you can have a real conversation.Don’t break up impersonally with someone via text, or worse, by avoiding them and hoping the problem goes away. Never argue or have a deep intense conversation by text.Recent research has begun to reveal the genes responsible for this agricultural revolution.The list of genes to date tentatively suggests that diverse plant developmental pathways were the targets of Neolithic “genetic tinkering,” and we are now closer to understanding how plant development was redirected to meet the needs of a hungry world.Today, you can ask someone out, break up, break up again, argue for three hours, all via text messages. We used to have a Walkman, a video camera, a regular camera, a huge flashlight and a computer, but now, they’re all in one small cell phone. With that being said, cell phones can and are stunting many people’s social skills, conversational skills, and especially their dating lives.

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