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We’ve gotta go.” Megan and I get into this interesting discussion about TONS of stuff after that. How the hell could he say stupid shit like that without knowing anything about us? Hell, I could’ve been an Ethiopian Jew for all he knows. ” I check “a date,” “friend,” “a long term relationship,” and “activity partner.” In short, everything except “marriage” and “marriage and children.” This is fun, and it’s just like signing up for I don’t even know what any of those mean :( I click “Will tell you later” and continue to the next screen. Here are the selections: Okay, so, maybe this is going to be harder than I thought. That boyfriend I almost married several years ago was Jewish.” So, time passes and we somehow switch the topic to dating. Why should I avoid a dating site simply because it predominantly features Jewish men? I continue to the next page, but that’s where the site starts to show its Jewish card. ” The choices are: “Only at home,” “At home and outside,” “To some degree” and “Not at all.” I pick the last one and I continue. :) And, quite frankly, the next question is the one that makes me call it quits: “How often do you go to synagogue?

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If the same dude came up to my table at a restaurant in rural Illinois, I wouldn’t have thought twice about it. The guy goes on to explain he’s a native New Yorker and he loves all the different neighborhoods and he’s seen the city change so much and he opens his wallet to show us a picture of his father because he loves him so much and yada yada yada IT’S THE JEWS’ FAULT THE RENTS ARE SO HIGH IN THIS CITY!!!!

I think somewhere along the way, people lost sight of the fact that just because a stereotype is positive, it’s still a stereotype.

When you reduce people down to a few characteristics, it robs them of their humanity, which is complex.

If I don’t say anything, will he think I agree with him?

How do I tell him I think he’s an asshole without turning into the asshole who screams — because I know my temper and I definitely would’ve screamed it — And, so on and so on. I’m mad at him for being such an jerk, and I’m even more upset with myself because I didn’t do anything more than dismiss him by saying, “You know what? ” question pop up because I think they’ve already taken it into consideration that the goyim are crashing the gates of the party. I can’t wait to select “black / African American” but, to my surprise, here are the only choices: Holy Moses! ” Something tells me Dutch Reformed Protestant / Non-Denominational Christian isn’t on the list, and I’m right.

“You know,” she starts, “I think it’s easier for non-Jewish women to find dates on JDate.” Now, I’m curious.

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