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During the show Chan belted out the song, "Wake Up Winter" in English and Mandarin as clips of people playing winter sports played on a giant screen.

The ceremony, which was attended by former Chinese Olympians, took place at the futuristic "Water Cube" -- former site for swimming events at the Beijing 2008 Summer Games.

China has had great success at the Summer Olympics, but its few Winter Olympics victories have been centred on speed skating.

The Chinese capital has financial muscle and the political determination of a one-party state.

International Olympics Committee President Thomas Bach said via video message that Beijing is set to "make history" as the first city to host both the summer and the winter Games.

Beijing won the bid over only one other contender, Almaty, after other cities backed out over high costs.

Chinese reporter Xu Xiang said public opinion in China is beginning to change. and supporting North Korea: What have we gotten in return for the blood spilled by our fathers’ generation [in the 1950-1953 Korean War]?

He said Chinese increasingly do not support North Korea. ” Xu also said Chinese are saying, “All it’s done is turn the Kim dynasty into even worse bandits than they were before.

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Last week, the Trump administration released a statement on the trip.

Gay sex is not illegal in China, and homosexuality is openly and officially recognized (if not exactly endorsed), especially now that Aids has become the No.

1 killer disease among infectious disease in China.

As Chinese citizens, we feel pretty unsafe.” But Xu said China does not believe it can solve the North Korean nuclear crisis.

Ran Bogong is a retired professor from Toledo University. and China need to work closely to ensure that when Trump visits, there is some kind of definite result.

He says the ruling Chinese Communist Party is still hoping to force North Korea to make changes. Neither Beijing nor Washington wants to see the North Korean issue create further conflict between them.” I’m Mario Ritter.

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