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The director is Imaoka Shinji, a genius of the “pink film” industry. (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: No need to say, see the real! (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Sogo lives alone in the countryside after retirement.

One day, Yumi, who is older than her daughter, appears at his house as a carer. However, as they fall into Sogo’s hobby, they understand each other.

In the end, Lenny tries to make Adam’s Zero, a mortuary humanoid, an opportunity for the company to recreate the story. (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: An entry in a series focused on “love” and “erotica,” in which six creators from multiple fields — from film and TV to direct-to-video and manga — compete. It is a bundle of accidents that are completely different from the liberated character of her sister Yuko.

The actress who plays the main part, Shimada Yoko, plays herself in a comic role. She goes to the cube of people to commit heroism and affair, and her nude ...

Finally, Hyunju, who was looking for a house, asked Yoon to ask her to live for a while, and Yoon Jae can not refuse ...

Kabuki-cho in Tokyo where entertainment facilities are concentrated.

Yuki is working as a scout to introduce girls to AV actors, pubs and entertainment businesses.

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" The marriage of a newlywed couple and a cousin's sister begins strangely!

Koharu’s younger brother likes to put these two together and plans with the share house ... Upcoming “special mission” is head hunters to the withdrawal of the human resources in the enterprise.

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