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I think I am pretty lucky because listening is more valuable and comfortable for me so I never meddle hehe.Conversely, here I am a teller so know it is not typical mode of mine.But i kind of just hate him too much right now to care.Tell me something about u mr judgemental Me: You have three questions.The window will snap shut after and I’ll be the cocky arsehole again.Very unpleasant for 3 months and not a whole load of laughs another year longer.And believe me nothing makes the atmosphere more chill, fun and sincere better than tipping.I also want you guys to know that your tips are more appreciated than you think.

There are some really FREQUENTLY asked questions, that frequency even made me edit my bio lol (I am lazyass): How much time it took to complete ur tattoos? : no matter, it depends on a tattoo artist anyway Do u model?

But I do that not because Im a good guy, I am jerk, it only makes me feel good lol.

I do not even know why I just typed so much uninteresting personal info haha, probably just to let you know me better.

In real life I am a "listener" type, people like to tell me something from their life or ask for advise.

Didnt u notice that 95% of people are very egoistic during the convo trying to lead it to speaking about themselves.

Her: I will answer anything come on u can ask me 3 Me: Met 1999, married 2006, divorced 2009.

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