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Is that what Botox and fillers and peels and exercising 11 times a week are meant to do for us? What’s so bad about growing older when it’s revered in almost every society except ours?

(All of you who hate my gray streak because you say it makes me look "old"?

Now, of course, not all clothes and not all trends are appropriate for everyone.

You obviously didn't read the book." "I don't need attention.

Age is part of time, and does in fact change things.

It isn’t simply that I no longer play by the gender rulebook, it’s that the rules suddenly feel stacked against me.

So what’s a modern-day woman, who could live to be 120, going to do with all this extra time in the middle? Current culture leads me to believe I’m supposed to attempt to look 25 for the next 50 years.

Even if we’re past bearing children, are we meant to look as if we still can?

(I know, she wears underwear most of the movie, but you get my point.) For me, that dress simply reinforces that I may not act my age, but I can’t avoid aging.

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