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But teachers are cast as weak and, in at least one case, willing to give in to Chastity’s demands because of her father’s standing on the school board. Teens have romantic relationships, and there's a good bit of passionate kissing and even some mild groping.

Kat and Bianca’s dad often warns them of boys’ not-so-innocent intentions with warnings like “boys want to put a baby in you.” Teens toss around terms like “getting laid” and discuss girls’ appearances and cup sizes.

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[Laughs] There was, like, a little bit of tongue-in-cheek stuff.Parents need to know that this teen-targeted series based on the same-named 1999 film includes frequent references to sex -- including comments about girls’ bodies, use of terms like “get laid,” passionate kissing, and mention of teens’ sexual experience.Popularity is a key concern, and one central character uses her social status to terrorize all but her closest friends, and her behavior goes unchecked by her peers and adults.While Bianca admits it’s worth giving up her dignity for social acceptance, Kat sticks to her personal code and has unwavering self-esteem (even though her strong will makes her stand-offish).The girls’ over-protective father is a sympathetic character whose concern for his daughters is understandable in light of his affection for them.Before the other reporters and I headed out to Santa Clarita Studios, we met at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood to have breakfast with one of the cast members who wasn't filming that day, Ethan Peck, who plays the mysterious Patrick Verona, a character which the late Heath Ledger portrayed in what turned out to be his breakthrough role. When I got the audition, I hadn't even recalled the film at the time.

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