Andy mill dating


Not according to Connors, who insists it was always conducted on her terms.

In the long periods they were kept apart by the demands of the tennis circuit, Connors admits he was unfaithful to her ‘several times’ during their two years together.

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When he rang Evert later that night to say he thought they were too young to get married, she didn’t hesitate.

What was left of her Miss Perfect public image rapidly disintegrated in the ensuing slanging match in which she was cast as the heartless home wrecker.

Mill blamed Norman for the terrible betrayal, but the golfer’s wife of 25 years, Laura Andrassy, came out all guns blazing at the ‘other woman’.

He says that if they wanted to meet, he would always be the one who had to fly off to wherever she was playing.

(Even when they did meet up, their managers would often stand guard at night to ensure they kept to their separate hotel rooms and got some sleep.)And when he watched her competing, Connors recounts, she would glare at him the moment he so much as took his eye off the game.

The ‘fairytale romance’ captured the public imagination, especially after they both won singles titles at Wimbledon in 1974.

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