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“Hillary holds nothing back in her airing of grievances, except maybe some self-awareness,” Cupp quipped as she led into the first segment.“As a matter of fact, you may say, “What Happened?!

Clinton’s grief went to a very disturbing place with the depression stage.

After reading a paragraph describing how Hillary and Bill laid in bed holding hands in silence, Cupp expressed what most people could be thinking: You know, if there was one thing that could make this book more painful to read, it's the image of Hillary Clinton and her philanderer husband lying side by side holding hands in bed. “I actually hadn't heard that yet and I'm wincing,” Ham strained to say.

In wrapping up the bit with the final stage of acceptance, Cupp had a suggestion for Clinton: “I know. I feel like she probably should have ended the book there and put the draft under her bed. "Some pundits have also said my campaign was doomed from the start.

Or 494 pages of self-serving historical revisionism. The popular vote in this system of government doesn't mean you get anything. We've seen this -- a bunch of media people doing the same thing, pointing it out over and over again. This didn't need to be a public consumption experience.

Hillary holds nothing back in her airing of grievances, except maybe some self-awareness. ” reads like a clinical look into Clinton's five stages of grief: Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally, acceptance. For the love of all that is holy, stop with the popular vote thing. And on top of that, it's meaningless because candidates campaign on the fact that that's not how we elect a president. I'm at a loss." Let me stop you right there because just like people who ask questions in a letter, you're not really asking. But there's no getting around it." That's her, not me, saying this.

A few more – BEN FERGUSON: Or just go to Wisconsin. She's not really asking in this bargaining exercise she's going through. Not a postmortem of a very complicated election that literally just happened while you're still grappling with what just happened. She was convinced that she was owed the presidency.

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