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John Hudson, with his other premises in nearby Shudehill.As the number of installed telephones across the country grew it became sensible to consider constructing telephone exchanges to allow all the telephones in each city to be connected together.

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On 1 October 1969, under the Post Office Act of 1969, the Post Office ceased to be a government department and it became established as a public corporation.The first exchange was opened in London in August 1879, closely followed by the Lancashire Telephonic Exchange in Manchester.From 1878, the telephone service in Britain was provided by private sector companies such as the National Telephone Company, and later by the General Post Office.British Telecommunications, trading as British Telecom, was formed in 1980, and became independent of the Post Office in 1981.British Telecommunications was privatised in 1984, becoming British Telecommunications plc, with some 50 percent of its shares sold to investors.The Government sold its remaining stake in further share sales in 19.

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