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APS seeks to achieve simultaneously and in order of importance: freedom, safety, and minimal disruption of lifestyle and least-restrictive care.APS provides protective services to reduce or eliminate the risk of abuse, neglect, self-neglect, and exploitation. APS does not have the authority to take custody of any adult for any reason.If a post has received multiple flags, it may be temporarily removed from the comments stream pending review.Advertising, self-promotion and repeated posts of the same content - even a well thought out comment - are all considered spam and are subject to removal.The Pennsylvania Game Commission owns 1.5 million acres of state game land, which is located in Benezette, Northcentral Pennsylvania.

All moderators will be identified as such next to their display name.Protective Services to adults consists of the receipt and prompt investigation of reports of suspected abuse, neglect and exploitation.It includes assessing and documenting adults' service needs, determining services needed, and developing a plan to obtain services.Emotional abuse occurs when a person is threatened, humiliated, intimidated or otherwise psychologically hurt.It includes the violation of an adult’s right to make decisions and the loss of his or her privacy.Moderators will use their best judgment to apply these guidelines in a fair way and moderate activities appropriately to ensure the overall health of the HDOn Tap community.

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