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Lexi, who started an Instagram to document her journey, @fatgirlfedup, recalls that she had always been overweight and the concept of eating healthy wouldn’t be an easy start.

“When Danny & I met at 16 years old (10 years ago), I weighed over 300lbs.

Drawing pictures also happens to be another of Pólya's suggestions.

John probably made use of one of Pólya's most important suggestions: Can you think of a related problem?

Munching down on chips, rice, ribs, chicken and meat dishes, as well as the greasy, deep fried starters.

They both loved fast food, soda and sweets and their unhealthy eating habits caused them both to gain a massive amount of weight and for Lexi to tip the scales at almost 500 pounds.

I however wanted to live a longer life with him, be healthy, and be able to have kids in the future.” Lexi knew she wanted to make a change but it wasn’t until New Years Day 2016, when a close friend of the couple challenged them to a series of healthy changes to their lifestyle and to start exercising every week that she really got serious.

What do you think of when you think about mathematics?

What do you think of when you think about mathematics? You know, 'If a train leaves New York…'I was trained as a mathematician, and I will let you in on a trade secret: That is not what mathematics is, nor where it lives.

Perhaps you think about x's and y's, intractable fractions, or nonsensical word problems. It's true that learning mathematics often involves solving problems, but it should focus on the joy of solving puzzles, rather than memorizing rules.

Jennifer Ruef says, 'That is not what mathematics is, nor where it live' George Pólya wrote 'How to Solve It' in 1985. I invite you to see yourself as a problem solver and mathematician.

The cartoonist Gary Larson once depicted hell's library as containing only giant tomes of word problems.

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