12 dating traps


While you may be compatible in some ways, in other ways that matter you may be completely different.

Source: Shutterstock Instead of letting nature take its course, you prefer to immediately jump right into couple status with every man you date.

However, being able to have fun together and dating recreationally and dating seriously are two different things.

His body, overall looks, education, career, money, and other materialistic things are all you care about.

Who cares if he’s a genuinely nice guy with a good head on his shoulders, especially if he doesn’t have a six pack with muscles all over?

Shutterstock Women and men alike can fall into all sorts of dating traps.

With everyone coming into relationships with different dating experiences, it’s not uncommon for someone to fall into a bad dating pattern and continue on with it out of habit. So, here are 11 of the most common dating traps that people seem to fall into as well as four ways to avoid falling into them altogether.

With such strong physical attraction, you automatically get the idea that the two of you were meant to be together.

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